This is a list of selected publications.  For a full list of publications and conference presentations, please see my vitae.

Peer-reviewed articles

Popular Support for Legislatures in Asia.” 2019. Journal of Legislative Studies. 25 (2): 188-209.

Broken Back? Efficacy and Participation in Asia’s Democracies.” 2018.  Asian Journal of Comparative Politics. 3 (1): 13-24.

Democratic Participation Under Authoritarianism in Hong Kong and Singapore.” 2017. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia. 16 (2): 44-58.

Reflections on Asia: Borrowing Lessons from Art History in East Asia and China Coursework” (With Jenny Ramirez). 2017. ASIANetwork: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts. 24 (2): 70-88.

Democratic Consolidation: Participation and Attitudes Toward Democracy in South Korea and Taiwan.” 2015. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. 25 (1): 45-67. (reprinted in Pietsch, Juliet, Michael Miller, and Jeffrey Karp (eds.) Public Opinion and Democracy in Transitional Regimes: A Comparative Perspective. 2016. New York: Routledge, 47-61.)

Response to ‘Framing Unauthorized Immigrants: The Effects of Labels on Evaluations‘” (With Benjamin R. Knoll and David P. Redlawsk). 2014. Psychological Reports: Sociocultural Issues in Psychology. 115 (3): 913-917.

Learning Democracy:  Education and the Fall of Authoritarian Regimes” (With Clayton L. Thyne).  2014. British Journal of Political Science. 44(4): 773-797.

Framing Labels and Immigration Policy Attitudes in the Iowa Caucuses.” (With Benjamin R. Knoll and David P. Redlawsk).  2011. Political Behavior. 33 (3): 433-454.

Developing Attachments to New Institutions: Multi-Level Models of Opinion Formation in Post-Communist Europe.” (With Gerhard Loewenberg and William Mishler).  2010. European Political Science Review. 2 (3): 475-494.

The Effects of Australian Ballot Rules on Constituent Spending and Committee Assignments in the U.S. House, 1885-1901.” 2008. (With Peverill Squire, Jill Wittrock, Stephen Nemeth, and Brian Disarro). Political Research Quarterly. 61 (3): 434-444.

Book Chapters and Reviews

Book Review: Roland Barthes’s Travels in China.” ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts. 22 (1): 99-100.

“Affordances of Software in the Design, Implementation, and Revision of Institutional ePortfolio Programs” (with Mary Ann Dellinger). INTED2015 Proceedings.  Madrid, Spain: International Academy of Technology, Education and Development. Forthcoming.

Creativity and Reflection through Multi-modal Learning: Measuring Creative Expression in Student ePortfolios” (With Jenny Ramirez). 2015.  In Kathryn S. Coleman & Adele Flood (eds.) Capturing Creativity: The Link between Creativity and Teaching Creatively. Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing LLC.

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