Here is a list of some of my syllabuses from my time as a professor at the Virginia Military Institute.

  • Comparative Political Economy (Spring 2018): An evaluation of the important interaction of economics and politics within several countries and systems across the world. Senior.
  • Chinese Politics (Spring 2022): An overview of the political system of China in the post-Mao era. Junior/Senior.
  • East Asian Politics (Fall 2014): Students are provided an introduction to the various institutions, processes, and cultures of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea (North and South). Junior/Senior.
  • Democracy seminar (Spring 2017): Students investigate the fundamental assumptions that support democratic rule and the applications of them in practice. Senior.
  • Political Science Research Methods (Fall 2018): In this course, students learn to evaluate evidence and make critical judgments of real-world phenomena using political science research as a guide. Junior.
  • Authoritarian Environmentalism in China (Spring 2019): Students learn of the increasing challenges that the PRC faces in managing environmental degradation and assess the ability of the government to properly address these issues. Senior.
  • Introductory American Government (Fall 2014): This class is an introduction to the institutions and processes of the American Government. Freshman/Sophomore.

I have also taught courses on Introductory Political Science, Introductory Comparative Politics, International Political Economy, and upper-level seminars on the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2008, 2012, and 2016. While a Visiting Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, I taught a class on Democracies in the West.

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